mercredi, juin 21, 2006

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so it has come to my attention that this is a defunct blog that doesn't capture the essence of blogging. in order to read actually blog-worthy posts out there please see

vendredi, juin 16, 2006

SCientists who work on failing projects are the most optimistic people in the world

I have come to believe that even though they are the most depressed people in the world that really, scientists who work on projects that have been failures for several years are the most optimisitc people in the world.

You see, most people have never been confronted with things not working. Most people in fact have never been confronted with failures as deep and terrible as having something so innately tied into one'se self esteem as one's mind -which is what scence research work is like really- be proven publicly to be unworkable or a failure.. or really I suppose a distinct lack of success... all the time.Often those scientists are not terribly social. They haven't much of a sociallife, their work is everything, and ...somehow they rouse themselves every day to go in and work..

working is easy when things go well or at least there is some tangible product like you helped a customer, solved some little problem even if it was just figuring out how to organize a filing cabinet or cleaning off a desk... but when you haven't got that sort of thing to boost your sense of productivity...? It's darned depressing and how could anyone motivate him or herself to go in after it time and time again?

I figure it must be that those people are just the most phenomenal optimists in the world. Yup.

So the next time you see a struggling scientist... pat him or her on the back and say, wow, I really admire your optimism!

disclaimer: If you get socked for having said that, I hereby release myself from any and all ersponsibility for your medical bills. ;)

do friendships disappear just because you're mad at each other

I've been pondering this question for a little bit now and I'm curious whether anyone else has an answer..

If person A is mad at friend B and becuase A is mad at B, they don't speak... is the friendship over?

Is it over if A is so mad at B that B no longer feels comfortable talking to A?
Is it over if A and B never resolve their difficulties?

What then comprises the nature of friendship...?

One might argue that it is the ability to rely upon each other. It is the ability to call up when in need. That it is the ability to chat when one wants to chat. One might argue that friendship is just some bond of goodwill between two people. (If A is mad at B, then is there still goodwill?) What if friendship is merely a misnomer for social association? "You are geographically close so I ssociate with you, thus you are my friend....?" That seems wrong. What if friendship is "you are culturally similar/mentally similar/ etc. ? In general, I supose I think of friendship as people caring for one another and being able and willing to express that... so it befuddles me when people are still friends and yet they are mad at each other and don't talk... Apparently I have even engaged in it... but I still don't quite understand.

Anyone have an explanation ?

jeudi, juin 08, 2006

The King's Daughter II by Raysh Weiss

I am so shepping nachas...
Today was the premiere of Rachel's film The King's Daughter and I was really so proud of her accomplishment. Every person has a chance to tell a story and to tell it in different ways, but while the film before hers used a lot of shots.. it wasn't a judicious use of film, just gratuitious filmography.. while Raysh's actually really used the medium and the capabilities of film well...
wow, dude, I have to say.. I am so impressed with Raysh's ability and talent... I know that there are people who take offense at her message and people who might criticize some of the transitions, but really, she did a phenomenal job... really really... I am so impressed.
so very very very impressed.

Watch out world, here comes Raysh Weiss!